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Congratulations to all involved in the iRescU Project! We are delighted to have our iRescU project be such a success in the Inaugural American Heart Association Open Innovation Challenge March 6th, 2014. We out pitched most of the competition, and came in a strong 2nd, beaten only by a commercial project which had over $1million dollars seed funding. So a big congratulations and huge thanks to all who made this possible. It was a great 6th birthday event for the EMS Safety Foundation.

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If you didn't get a chance to do so till now, please do support the iRescU project on Medstartr - it will be now be live on the public Medstartr site for 30 days - and planned for pilot deployment this year with adequate funding in place. We are extremely pleased to be ranked overall second in this AHA Open Innovation Challenge.

Here is Evie, the iRescU Scout Leader to give you the 3 and a half minute update on iRescU

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Nadine Levick MD (MBBS), MPH, FACEM, FRACG

Dr. Nadine Levick, MD MPH, is an Emergency Medicine physician with a public health degree from John Hopkins University in Injury Control and Health Policy and Management, has published lead interdisciplinary scientific papers globally on EMS safety.

Dr. Levick has held senior Faculty positions in preeminent academic centers in the USA and Australia, including Johns Hopkins University and Columbia University and Director of Pediatric Emergency Services at Harlem Hospital in New York, Director of Emergency Medicine Research at Maimonides Medical Center, and currently Faculty at Brookdale University Medical Center, a State University of New York Affiliate.In Australia she was Faculty at the Royal Melbourne Hospital Emergency Department, as well as a physician with the Royal Australian Flying Doctor Service in Australia.

Dr. Levick has been awarded in excess of $2 million in USA Federal grants and also industry grants for her cross disciplinary and knowledge transfer research in Emergency Medical Services.

Dr. Levick is the inaugural Chair of the EMS Transport Safety Subcommittee ANB10(5) of the National Academies Transportation Research Board (TRB) since 2007 and coordinated the inaugural TRB Ambulance Transport Safety Summit in November 2008 and the subsequent 2009 TRB Ambulance Transport Safety Summit. She also chairs the American Public Health Association (APHA) Injury Control and Emergency Services Sectionís subcommittee on Disaster and Emergency Health Services.

Dr. Levick has also been appointed as a member of the Safety Committee of the federally convened National EMS Advisory Council (NEMSAC). Dr. Levick is committee member of the American College for Emergency Physicians EMS Committee and the National Association for EMS Physicians Policy and Standards Committee.

Dr. Levick conducted the first vehicle to vehicle ambulance crash tests and also established and coordinated the first international SAE TOPTEC symposium on Emergency Vehicle Safety in 2001, and has been responsible for major enhancements in emergency vehicle transport safety and the implementation of federal safety initiatives in the USA and Australia.

• 2011 American Society of Safety Engineers Transport Safety Practitioner of the Year award,
• 2010 Great First Responders Award;
• 2009 EMS Physician of Excellence for New York City
• 2006 AMBEX research Award in the UK for ambulance safety research most likely to change practice
• 2005 Society of Academic Emergency Medicine regional research award
• 2004 American Medical Response Research Award
• 2003 International Society of Automotive Engineers Womenís Leadership Award
• 2002 Center for Creative Leadershipís Public Health and Emergency Services National Award, amongst others.

She established Objective Safety a gratis public access EMS Safety information web portal, and is also the founder of the non-government organization,
the EMS Safety Foundation
, an internationally recognized EMS safety innovation and knowledge transfer consortium. Dr. Levickís work is characterized by interdisciplinary knowledge transfer and collaboration and the interface of scientific data with safety guideline and policy development.