So you would like to upload an AED(s) location you have found?
Well, here is what you need to do -
Its as easy as 1, 2 and 3!!

1. FIND an AED
2. TAKE a PICTURE of the AED in its location
3. SUBMIT picture and info about AEDs location-HERE!
(via this form on your pc or email info to,
you can also scan this eTag with your smartphone to submit)
- use free Microsoft Tag App to read the eTag

The iRescU project is building an AED database freely accessible to the public so that when a Sudden Cardiac Arrest occurs, that vitally important Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is right on hand and locatable.

This AED location information will be available to everyone including Emergency Services and bystanders so they can find AEDs quickly using smartphone Apps, like iRescU for free.
Should you be interested to participate and add AEDs you have found to the AED database - you can enter those AEDs here. All AED locations are subsequently validated for location and accessibility, so only entries with a valid email address will be considered. Please complete the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with any queries you may have.

AED Upload Form

This brief form is for gathering info on the AEDs you have found

AED Location

Street Address:*

Building and where in building:*


Name (Optional):

Phone (Optional):


AED Type Info

Type of AED:

Attach Pic of AED here
Please enter AED Street Address in Subject line -
(if you have an iphone or cant attach pic to this form, please email pic to once you complete the form)

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How did you find out about the iRescU AED Location Challenge Project?


Thank you for your participation. If you have any questions regarding the iRescU Project, please contact us by e-mail, the iRescU Project Info Center . We look forward to hearing from you, and appreciate your participation in this new forum for enhancing outcomes of sudden cardiac arrest.


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